ESMO E-Learning: Sexuality and Closeness after Disease

ESMO E-Learning: Sexuality and Closeness after Disease

E-Module update, November 2021

Mastering targets

  • To comprehend the occurrence and importance of intimate wellness in clients diagnosed with cancers
  • To comprehend the partnership between closeness and sex for females and people
  • In order to comprehend just what services is capable of doing to address sexual medical and health factors within their people with cancer tumors

After 2 years E-Learning segments are not any longer regarded latest. You will find consequently no CME examination of this E-Learning module.

Advances in oncology therapy result in a heightened society of cancer tumors survivors. Some problems that were not traditionally considered important in doctor-patient marketing and sales communications are becoming more critical in oncology clinics these days. The most commonplace among cancer survivors questions erectile dysfunction. Undoubtedly, one research reveals that those types of which reported the problems, not even half obtained medical care. This E-Learning module is an important effort from ESMO area to handle sex and intimacy issues after cancer and increase instructional ventures for oncology specialists within this crucial subject. Read more