‘Minimal Green Men’ From Russia Is Coming—and Lithuania is not Prepared

‘Minimal Green Men’ From Russia Is Coming—and Lithuania is not Prepared

A government-sponsored, 75-page ‘self-help guide to Active Resistance’ evidently doesn’t protect against intrusion by powerful neighbor for the East

Lithuanians are preparing to reject Russian invasion—signs of which they discover via almost everywhere. Last summer https://datingmentor.org/pet-dating/, as soon as the core Bank of Russia given five collectable coins commemorating the liberation of European capitals of the Red Army—one ones becoming Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital—the nation’s Ministry for Foreign issues reacted straight away. “Russia is not ready for your historic truth on Soviet career,” Rolandas Kacinsakas, the Ministry’s governmental manager said. The coin that drew the ire of Lithuania have a picture from the memorial with the “Soldiers-liberators” that, from 1952 to 2015, got situated on the Green Bridge of Vilnius. Lithuanian authorities assert Lithuania was actually occupied—not liberated—by the Red Army.

The monument was removed in July 2015 over “health and protection” concerns.

The coin incited a small diplomatic scandal between Russia and Lithuania.

The world-famous Alexandrov outfit is actually banned from performing in Lithuania. Written down about, the group is part of the Russian safety power, and its own people are included in the armed forces. Read more