Debate Forum. I’m thinking about purchasing the Super Shop multi-tool

Debate Forum. I’m thinking about purchasing the Super Shop multi-tool

I will be contemplating buying the ultra Shop multi-tool. I have been considering the Shopsmith, but the ability to use steel (lathe, factory, etc.) is just why i will be thinking about the ultra store.

Does individuals have any knowledge about this instrument? I’d like both negative and positive. Thanks for the help.


I’ve been the master of a Shopsmith MarkV product 510 for 16 many years. I also struggled to obtain the organization while in the mid 90s as national selling and provider supervisor. Truly an effective instrument with a number of advantages and disadvantages with the system. Importance add adaptability and simplicity in mobile from a single purpose to a different and posting of aspects. The drill press element was first-rate although a little too quickly for big forstner pieces and the band saw is excellent for just what it’s; a small band saw. Drawbacks integrate problems in adjusting to really good tolerances because sleep associated with dining table saw just isn’t all those things strong. (your learn to adjust to it inside technique.) The lathe, while of good use, are a little light-weight and can vibrate with large turnings until you create the speeds reducer (about a $300 alternative) together with latest lathe device relax ($75?). The desk watched using its tilting dining table are hard to slash perspectives on with big stuff, layer items in particular.

All of that mentioned, the machine enjoys significantly more than served my needs all of these age and I also’ve just have one major maintenance, an engine substitution about 3 years ago, a reasonably quick DIY task. Read more