On her pricing is apart from rubies

On her pricing is apart from rubies

That will find a great virtuous lady?

The first part of verse ten virtually reads, “Who will look for a woman out of fuel?” The word “virtuous” was away from a great noun definition power, abilities, element. Here it makes reference to power out-of profile, which is, moral power and you may tone.

Inside light of verse we can claim that a great virtuous boy is one who concerns Goodness, likes knowledge and you will hates sin

Inside Exodus we find the expression utilized of males. Moses were to come across “ready people” (lighted.–“guys of electricity”) including worry Jesus, boys out of information, hating covetousness. Moses was to look for and find particularly men, therefore the implication is the fact particularly males just weren’t easy to discover. The expression is additionally found in step one Kings 1:42 (“valiant child” otherwise “boy out-of stamina”) and you will step 1 Leaders step one:52 (“deserving kid” otherwise “guy out-of electricity”). Inside latter passageway (v. 52) we learn that the alternative from an excellent virtuous guy are an effective guy inside just who wickedness is positioned. Ergo a great virtuous man was a guy of good ethical energy, in the just who wickedness isn’t discover. He is a great godly, God-dreading son. So along with, this new virtuous woman was a god-fearing woman–contrast Proverbs with .

The old Testament spends that it term of an effective virtuous woman when you look at the a couple other places. For the Ruth 3:11 it is used out-of Ruth. Everyone in the city knew that she is a good virtuous lady! When a female have stamina of profile (anxieties Goodness, likes information, dislikes sin), then anyone else will take note and recognize it. It would be very noticeable because it’s therefore strange. Read more